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Saudade can not really translate – Saudade is a specific Portuguese or lusophone form of world pain. For generations, the Portuguese have been proud of their “personal word” that only they know. It can almost be translated as a concept: the Saudade can only be compared to “sadness”, “melancholy”, “yearning”, “wanderlust” or “gentle melancholy”. A universal feeling that we may all have felt before: the feeling of melancholy, the felt hole in the heart, that creeps us in the yearning for a human or a loved one. The word stands for the nostalgic feeling of having lost something beloved, and often expresses the misfortune and oppressed knowledge of never being able to satisfy the longing for the lost, as it will probably not return.

Although the word derives from the Latin solitudo, it does not just mean “loneliness”, because solidão and soledade have developed from the same root word. Saudade is also not a negatively rated mood, but is in the Fado, the Portuguese chanson, longed for.

For generations, the Portuguese have been proud of their “personal word” that only they know. As one of the most famous quatrains Fernando Pessoas says:

Saudades, só portugueses
Conseguem senti-las bem.

Porque têm essa palavra

para dizer que as têm.

Saudades – only Portuguese
can know this feeling.

Because only they have that word,

to really call it by name.

In 2007, a German jury, commissioned by the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V., Berlin, ranked Saudade sixth among the ten most beautiful words in the world.

A UK survey of linguists and interpreters also ranked Saudade among the top ten list of “untranslatable words in the world.”

Brazilian guitarist and vocalist João Gilberto released “Chega de Saudade” in 1958, written by Antônio Carlos Jobim (music) and Vinícius de Moraes (lyrics), considered the first Bossa Nova song.

With our collection and selection we only want to present you the beautiful one from Portugal: to make you feel Saudade as we feel it when we think about our home, impressions, tastes and fragrances. Be it a nice plate, the scent of a nice soap that you might have smelled on vacation or something that directly connects to Portugal … or you just want to make Portugal … oh, it’s enough, I already have tanta saudade ,

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