Sardine Tea Towel (4 Colors)


2 Damask tea towels „Sardine“ in modern design and colors Made in Portugal by Branco Azul. Uni turquoise, colorful orange-turquoise-green, plain gray, colorful terracota-gray-olive.



These beautiful damask tea towels with woven fish motif are simply stylish and have an unusual design: the sardine „hangs“ upside down on the right side of the cloth. The damask quality makes the cloths very absorbent and robust. The color shade of the sardine brings joy! Simple but friendly and modern.

There are 4 color variants: uni turquoise-blue, colorful (above green, the middle turquoise-blue, below orange), uni-gray or colorful (above olive-green, the center off-gray and below terracota-red). Very fresh and lively. Sold in packs of two. The smooth structure of the tea towels is ideal for polishing glasses.

With hanger on the upper right corner. Washable at 60 degrees and also suitable for the dryer. Made in a family business in northern Portugal exclusive to BrancoAzul. Great gift in combination with our ceramic sardines!

Jacquard or damask fabric is a fabric that has a pattern woven into the weave. In this way, even complex patterns in the fabric can be displayed without having to print the fabric – in addition, the intensity and plasticity of the patterns change depending on the light, which damask in Europe has always made very popular.

Dimension: 50x70cm

Weight per piece: 78 g

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 50 × 70 × 0.1 cm

Tri-Color 1, Turquoise, Tri-Color 2, Grey


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