Os Azulejos portugueses – The Portuguese tile

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The Azulejos were brought by the Moors to Spain, but were first known by the Portuguese king Rei Manuel I in Portugal.

Rei Manuel I wanted to equip his palace completely with Azulejos, since the Azulejos were not yet produced in Portugal, he ordered some from Spain. The Portuguese were so enthusiastic about the beautiful wall decoration that the Azulejos were then also made in Portugal. They have become very popular and have become an important feature of Portugal.

Lisbon is the Mecca for Azulejos, you can see and find them everywhere. In restaurants, bars, on house facades, squares and park benches. They decorate the buildings artistically and are everywhere real highlights.

There is even an Azulejos Museum, where you can see some special works of art and learn all about the history of the Azulejos.

The name Azulejos derives from Arabic and means tiling.

The founder S. Hartmann of Branco Azul was inspired by the patterns of the azulejos and has produced a small ceramic collection for her shops in Frankfurt and Lisbon.

Plates, cups, bowls and some azulejos intended as a coaster or as a souvenir.

The collection is decorated in trendy colors and reinterprets traditional patterns.

The ceramic collection is available in our shop in Frankfurt and for several months in our shop in Lisbon.

And soon in our online shop!

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Source: Meco, José: O Azulejo in Portugal, Alfa, Lisbon, 1988


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