Cascais – a pearl not far from Lisbon

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Cascais is located 20 minutes from Lisbon, an ever-expanding dynamic and enchanting city, and 20 minutes further on is Sintra, with a magical mountain landscape dusted with castles and palaces listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a 30 km long coast, which is adorned by wild wild to urban living beaches.

Cascais has the charm of ancient times when it was the summer destination of the Portuguese royal family.

A walk through the streets of Cascais is a journey through the history of kings and the spies of the second half of the twentieth century.

Art and culture are present in various places of Cascais, but especially in the museum district with 16 sights.

Fresh fish and seafood are writ large here and lead back to the traditional fishing families who still fish today as they used to, this quality and freshness can be found everywhere in the restaurants of the village.

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