Luck has two colors: Branco Azul

“Branco Azul” means “white and blue” in Portuguese.

White and blue represent the traditional colors of azulejos, the famous tiles on Portuguese building facades, the sun-drenched villages off the expanse of the Atlantic. It represents spring clouds on the Lisbon summer sky, a land of seafarers and explorers, it represents the genuine and the original, warmth, happiness and hospitality.

Quite simply it represents a special attitude towards life, which every product at Branco Azul inherently carries in itself. Which is why all the different products at Branco Azul always fit together.


No matter where I went, I took Portugal with me in my heart

Born as Sandra Azevedo in the colorful and venerable university town of Coimbra and raised in the historic Leiria, I breathed a lot of Portuguese diversity and tradition as a child.

I spent my studies in wonderful Lisbon, until my studies and job took me to Estonia and Paris. In 2001 I moved to Germany out of love for my husband.

Whenever I visited my homeland, I brought a lot of Portugal to Germany. Products that I missed or rediscovered.

Soon, „my Portugal“ was so popular and sought after among friends and acquaintances that I had the idea of opening a deal with it. First at the Frankfurt Cathedral, later also online.

Everything that I offer at Branco Azul, I personally select in Portugal or have it made there.

Important to me are quality, short runs, careful craftsmanship and fair conditions. And above all, a diverse, unusual selection that you rarely or even find in Portugal.


How it came to my own product line

It started when I remembered patterns and shapes from my childhood that were „home“ to me. Only, I did not find her in Portugal anymore.
So I decided: If there is not what I want, I’ll do it myself. The concept for my own product brand „Branco Azul“ was born!

As luck would have it, on my next visit to Portugal I met a ceramic designer who understood exactly what I wanted and put it into cups, plates and more with me.
The next idea came from looking at „ancient“ Portuguese patterns on the noble faience of Bordallo Pinheiro.

Would not it be great to reinterpret these almost forgotten classics in completely unusual colors? It was with this in mind that the next exclusive products for Branco Azul were created in Portugal with much imagination and love.

Branco Azul also shows with his own pieces that you can turn boring dishcloths into extraordinary kitchen jewelery „na arte Português“.

The path continues. Intuitive, the way ideas come. Let yourself be surprised.

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